Cumbrian artist are being asked to sign up to a new Rock of Ages T.V show.

The new series will see older musicians 65 and above, come together for a chance to play at one of the UKs biggest and most iconic music festivals.

The musicians, who have never met each other before, will be put together into two brand new bands and mentored by two famous names in music: Martin Kemp and Lady Leshurr.

A spokesman for the organiser said: "The musicians can be former professionals or talented amateurs that still have rhythm running through their veins and music in their heart.

"Their goal? To come together and rock out on one of the biggest festival stages in Europe.

"The show wants to hear from all musicians - singers, guitarists, drummers, keyboard players, saxophonists and more.

"Don’t worry what type of music you specialise in or if you’re a bit rusty, if you play every day or haven’t hit a note in years, as long as you can play, we want to hear from you!

"If your mum, dad, granny, grandad, or next door neighbour play, let them know too."

If you or someone you know fit the bill then get in touch by sending an email to: