VIOLENCE on the streets of Moorclose and Mossbay is a concern for a councillor who fears that it is only a matter of time before serious injury and death.

Independent councillor for Moorclose Stephen Stoddart as said that political leaders are leaving the wards behind and that violent crime is on the rise.

He said: “I am really concerned with the ever increasing violent assaults that are taking place in and around my ward, my concern is these assaults are occurring almost daily now and the offenders seem to be getting younger and I’m really worried that it’s just a matter of time before local youths are either seriously injured or killed as a result of this.”

Councillor Stoddart believes that violent crime is on the rise in the area, contrary to the official figures which he feels are skewed by under-reporting.

“I know local teenagers are carrying coshes and knives in the area and this gives me great cause for concern that one day this may lead to serious injury or death on the streets of Moorclose, Westfield and Mossbay and the time for intervention and investment needs to happen now as tomorrow may be too late for some of the young children in South Workington.”

Police inspector Rachel Gale said “Violent crime in the Moorclose and Mossbay areas has been reducing year on year, we are aware some incidents go unreported, however we would encourage victims to report this to us or independent anonymous charity CrimeStoppers.

“Incident reports help us identify hotspots and target our patrols and actions in that area. Support is available to victims of crime, through services such as Victim Support who provide confidential advice and support. Other support services can also be found at Cumbria Together”

Mike Johnson, leader of Allerdale Borough Council said: “We are working with local councillors on a masterplan to further develop the Moorclose and Westfield area of Workington. The masterplan looks at everything, deprivation, what the area needs to help support it, to drive it forward. There’s nothing off the table and it’s not just a short term thing, it’s long term.”