A WOMAN motorist stranded on the M6 in Cumbria was pestered for sex by a complete stranger – who then exposed himself.

The woman was left fearful and upset after 45-year-old chef Ayoub Momand “deliberately targeted” her after driving past and noticing her sitting alone on embankment near Tebay.

Her ordeal ended only after a Green Flag Rescue mechanic arrived and told the man that he could leave, Carlisle Crown Court heard.

The defendant, a married father-of-four, of Ladykirk Road, Newcastle, admitted exposure.

Richard Howarth, prosecuting, said the woman was driving south near Tebay on the afternoon of June 6 last year when a fault indication light appeared on her dashboard.

She pulled over on to the hard shoulder, called Green Flag, and then sat on the embankment to wait for help. Minutes later, a silver car pulled up in front of hers and the defendant approached her, saying she was obviously having car trouble.

Responding, she assured him that she was okay as help was on its way. He then sat next to her, and said: “I was driving past, saw a beautiful woman at the side of the road, and just knew I couldn’t drive past.” He again told her she was beautiful and asked whether she was married.

“He then asked her if she wanted to go up the embankment and have sexual intercourse,” said Mr Howarth. “He said it would be the best sex she would ever have.”

The defendant also offered her a drink and chocolate. The man then made more lewd comments, saying that he was a very good lover and asked when she last had sex with her husband.

He kept touching her back and shoulder.

Even if their contact wasn’t long-term, he said “it would put spark” in her marriage. Shortly after this, he lifted his top and exposed himself, which prompted the woman to immediately jump up and away in shock.

Shortly after this, the Green Flag mechanic arrived and told the man he could leave.

Even then, the defendant was reluctant to leave. He offered the woman a lift home and showed her his Facebook page, suggesting she get in touch.

In her victim statement, the woman said: “I would say that I’m normally a strong lady who can cope well with all that life throws at me. Having said that, this was the only time in my life that I have felt real fear.

“I tried hard to keep myself together – which I managed until the recovery man arrived. He asked if I was okay and then I just fell to pieces.

“I didn’t sleep well for several weeks.”

Momand’s defence barrister Sue Hirst accepted it was a “frightening experience” for the woman but said: “His behaviour on this one occasion was wholly out of character.” The defendant’s wife had recently been treated for cancer and this had taken a toll on him.”

Recorder David Temkin QC said he accepted the defendant was genuinely remorseful. But he added: “You specifically targeted this woman who in this situation was particularly vulnerable.”

His lack of restraint that day, said the judge, revealed a “fundamental misunderstanding of social boundaries.”

He imposed six weeks' jail, suspending the sentence for 18 months.

The defendant must complete 20 days of rehabilitation and his name will be on the Sex Offender Register for seven years.

The defendant was originally charged with a sexual assault, but Recorder Temkin said that allegation can lie on file.