A FRUIT and Vegetable scheme aimed at educating young people on where there food comes from and the benefits of eating good quality fruit and veg was launched last week.

The scheme, ran by The Fruit and Veg Box Company from Silloth, aims to show people how to eat better, reduce their carbon footprint andunderstandn good quality food.

The scheme has been piloted at Distington Community School, Nelson Juniors at Wigton and Mowbray School.

The company have worked with teacher Louise Carr to take their boxes into schools and help children understand food does not always come from a plastic bag in the supermarket.

Louise Carr, said: "I was encouraged by Nicola's enthusiasm. She's talked about encouraging children to eat healthy in terms of fruit and vegatables, helping them to learn about where they comes from, how they can eat differently. It has been really interesting."

The idea is the brain child of Nicola Myer's, the owner of the company, who noticed a lack of education in the basics of people understanding simple things about fresh fruit and veg.

She said:"I'm really excited to launch this scheme and more encouraged having piloted it. It was great seeing how much all the children who took part enjoyed trying different fruits and and vegetables that they maybe hadn't had chance to before."

Debbie Seegar, a Nursery teacher at Disington Community School, said: "This is definitely something we will lead on in the school, with helping the children in their healthy eating."

Nicola hopes to expand the scheme further and is looking for more schools to join up.

If interested contact:myers9@btinternet.com