Readers have been sharing their thoughts on the trial of electric scooters in Whitehaven.

They have been criticised after a woman was given a driving ban because she was using one while drunk.

Police have revealed there have been a number of complaints about the scooters, which can travel at upto 11 mph.

Dana Hawkins, 20 of West View Road, Distington appeared at Workington Magistrates Court on May 17.

She admitted one charge of driving an e-scooter on Lowther Street while almost twice the legal limit for alcohol - she had 67mg of alcohol in 100ml of breath, exceeding the limit of 35mg.

Here's what you, the readers, had to say.

Pamela Dooling agrees with the criticism: "I hate them.

"You cannot hear them coming up behind you on pavements - they're not supposed to be on pavements but many flout that rule.

"I almost hot knocked off my feet by one on holiday."

Amanda Blair criticises the current law: "Police put my twelve-year-old son in the back of their van for riding sinsibly (ther words) on his, because he has no license, MOT, or insurance.

"Had to sell it on because next time they will prosecute, was a birthday present three weeks ago.

"Had no idea these were illegal.

"Joke Britain."

Caroline Jane said: "They are a risk to disabled pedestrians, particularly those who are sight or heari impaired.

"They should certainly not be allowed on the pavement, but neither should adults and teenagers on bicycles."