Plans are being put in place for a fitting memorial to those who have died during the coronavirus pandemic.

Four memorial benches are to be installed at St Nicholas’ Gardens in Whitehaven.

The benches are being funded by Whitehaven Town Council and will be put in place at the front of the church gardens.

Members of Whitehaven Town Council had discussed how the lives of those lost to coronavirus could be commemorated in the town.

Mayor of Whitehaven Brian O’Kane suggested the idea of four commemorative benches, which has been supported by town councillors and the Reverend Robert Jackson.

Mr O’Kane said: “The benches will be a permanent fixture to commemorate the sadness that the town felt in terms of those who have passed away and families who have suffered during the pandemic.”

Graham Roberts, who represents the Harras ward on Whitehaven Town Council, said: “It’s going to be a great thing. St Nicholas’ is the gem of the town.

“I think it’s paramount to remember people who have died. Those wonderful people didn’t deserve to lose their lives.

“It’s important that we remember them with the respect that they deserve. Nobody deserves to lose their life.

“It’s a wonderful thing we are doing for people who have lost their lives in this terrible pandemic. Covid has been dreadful.”

Carl Walmsley, who represents Mirehouse East on the town council, said: “I think it’s important we remember the many people lost in our community through the pandemic.

“Of course, these unprecedented times will never be forgotten and will be re-written in history books for many years, but I fear the individuals may not and will slowly become just figures and statistics.

“I think the benches in such beautiful surroundings in the centre of our town is a lovely idea where loved ones can sit and remember those who sadly lost their lives through the pandemic.

“I know I will be sitting there myself on the odd occasion, sparing a thought for all of them. I’m proud that we have been able to fund this.”

Remembrance plaques will be placed on each bench.

The town council is currently in the process of ordering the benches.

The two commemorative benches which are currently in place will be modified and sited elsewhere in the gardens.