Your guide to all the soap action, week beginning Saturday, May 22.

Coronation Street (ITV)

Nick comes out of hiding to join the search for Sam. Later he gets in a taxi, only to find it's being driven by one of Harvey's thugs who tells him that if he doesn't persuade Leanne and Simon to retract their statements, he'll never see his son again.

Natasha decides to tell the police all about Harvey's involvement in the kidnapping, until Shona points out that doing so might put Sam in more danger. Jenny, meanwhile, smells a rat when Johnny recognises Sharon from the prison but knows nothing about the mentoring scheme she claims to work for.

Daniel suggests that he and Adam should be tested to find out if they're suitable donors for Peter, Nina realises Abi doesn't want her to attend Seb's funeral and Asha tries to trick Corey again.

EastEnders (BBC1)

It's Sharon big gym launch, but Zack has been out drinking all night with Martin and threatens to ruin the day. Kheerat steps in by shutting him in the locker room, but when Nancy then lets him out again, Zack takes matters in his own hands.

A furious Sharon orders her brother to leave, but will the sibling manage to patch it up?

Despite this incident, the Panesars are still in the dark about Kheerat's new woman, and Suki is most put out to return to the news that her son is seeing someone. However, she could have bigger things to worry about as she asks Phil for a loan before setting up a business meeting with Stas.

Ruby is also unimpressed by Martin's boozing, and her husband later admits to Jean that if he loses her, his kids will be out on the street.

Emmerdale (ITV)

As Lydia's tormentors move from trolling her online to throwing a brick through her window, Sam wants to deal with the issue 'the Dingle way', while she thinks it's a matter for the police.

Samson seems torn between the two approaches, especially after he witnesses Lydia being mugged by a pair of lads out for revenge for the pension scam.

Sam can't understand why his son isn't out for blood over the incident, but what he doesn't know is that while he's taking Lydia to the police station, Samson is heading to school with a crowbar in his bag...

Elsewhere, Kim's drugged brandy is making her paranoid, although to be fair a lot of people are out to get her - Gabby and Jamie have both vowed revenge, and Al and Jai are in a mutinous mood. So, when an intruder arrives at Home Farm, a terrified Kim ends up shooting at them.

Hollyoaks (Channel 4)

Summer is still playing games with Sienna - who seems to be rather enjoying it.

Sienna later admits to Grace that there's a woman in her life, and the club owner encourages her to go for it. So, when Summer later gets Sienna alone at the dance school, they give into temptation, unaware Brody is heading over to look for his girlfriend.

Mercedes is also the subject of mind games, but she's understandably not finding it fun, as several packages of baby products turn up on her doorstep, which she supposedly ordered. Cher then steps up her gaslighting by dressing up as her stepmother to fake some footage. However, when this latest stunt backfires by pushing Mercedes and Sylver closer together, Cher orders a fake pregnancy test.

Meanwhile, Courtney finds rumours have been spreading about her relationship with Sid, and Verity grows concerned about Diane after her sister-in-law refuses to borrow her bank card because of germs.

Home and Away (C5)

The day of the eagerly awaited surf competition arrives at last, but as you may already have predicted, it doesn't exactly go swimmingly.

Dean is supposed to be helping Roo, but he's clearly distracted. At least Jai is happy - he's thrilled to see his father ripping it up on some big waves.

Meanwhile, Justin worries that Leah is becoming obsessed with Susie and tries to take her mind off the situation by giving her a seductive shoulder rub. Ryder makes a grand if futile gesture in an attempt to help Chloe, Amber worries about her relationship and after hiding away for days, Jasmine finally ventures out in public again.

Neighbours (C5)

Harlow continues her relentless, almost obsessive search for Brent - and her determination finally pays off.

Although initially unable to meet up with him, she finally finds a way they can talk face-to-face, and despite initially deciding to keep him at arm's length, the pair end up in an embrace.

But there's bad news on the way - after Hendrix discovers what she's been doing and Paul grows increasingly suspicious of her behaviour, Harlow has to look on as Brent is unexpectedly arrested.

Back on Ramsay Street, Emmett's move to New Zealand is approved, so Aaron and David leave him to decide where he wants to live. Nicolette also begins decorating the nursery, despite Jane, who's back from Mildura, sensing tension between the family-to-be.