THERE was relief when a missing Cygnet was found after fears were raised that it had become a greedy gull's breakfast.

Workington Nature Partnership had been alerted, on Friday, to the missing baby Swan by eagle eyed conservationists at Harrington Nature Reserve who had noticed that mum Hope now had only three Cygnets rather than four.

A spokeswoman for the partnership said: "This morning started with reports that there were only three Cygnets, we suspected one had become a black-backed gull's breakfast.

"A couple of hours later the missing cygnet was found down at Beckstone Bridge and thanks to the ever heroic Harrop family it was returned to mum Hope and the other three.

"About 22 per cent of cygnets don’t survive their first two weeks, they’re almost defenceless and need to learn how to feed, swim well, avoid predators and keep warm - which we all know is a particular challenge this year given these May temperatures."

The partnership is a joint venture is a joint venture between Allerdale Borough Council and Workington Town Council.

It works to supports the natural environment in the area by undertaking a wide range of conservation activities on our nature reserves, parks, open spaces, woodlands and access networks.