Readers came to the defence of the traveller community after notice was served on an illegal encampment in Moorclose.

A gypsy and traveller encampment was recently given notice that they would need to vacate land on Moorclose.

Councillor Steven Stoddart said that travellers should have a place to call their own, a permanent site and that he sympathised with the innocent majority who do not leave litter.

Coun Stoddart said: “We sympathise with the travellers themselves.

"They should have a permanent site somewhere in Allerdale, but they’ve just been landing in various areas.”

Readers also sympathised with the community and supported the view that travellers should be given a permanent site.

William Carr said: "We’re they doing any harm probably not just make sure they clean up after themselves and leave them be."

Leona Kelly said: “There should be a permanent site for them to go as long as they clean up after themselves and they aren’t doing anyone any harm just leave them be."

Becka Mitchell said: "Why are people so bothered? Let them get on with their lives. They aren’t harming anyone."

Gemma Kilburn said: "Never meet nicer people I've known these travellers and there family for a lot of years in fact they are quite often at my house."

Janice Devlin said: “They are totally nice people who are they harming? They bother no one, the place is clean."

Jacqui Mitchell said: "Live and let live I say, people have got too much to say."