A twenty-five-year-old Carlisle man has pleaded guilty to a £34,000 fraud.

Anthony Joseph Crangle pleaded guilty to a fraud by false representation which involved him ordering goods from customer accounts, collecting them, and then not passing them on to the customers involved, the city’s Rickergate court heard.

Court records confirm that Crangle committed the offence on July 31, 2019.

According to the prosecution, the value of the fraud – the amount that Crangle planned to make as a financial gain – was £34,089.

The items involved were collected from the firm Crossling Limited, the court heard.

The defendant, of Gloucester Road, Carlisle, also admitted a second offence – possessing the Class A drug cocaine.

This too happened on July 31, 2019.

After hearing the details, magistrates ruled that Crangle should be sentenced by a Carlisle Crown Court judge.

The defendant, who was represented by defence lawyer David Wales, was granted bail until his appearance at the crown court.