READERS have responded after a spectacular mural, depicting a Celtic-Roman god of war, slowly took shape on Carlisle’s West Walls.

Last week world-renowned Aussie graffiti artist Smug, based in Glasgow, spent a number of days working on a modern imagining of the deity Belatucadros, on part of the former Peter Tyson shop.

The ancient god was worshipped by lower-rank Roman officers and the indigenous Celtic population of Cumberland back when England was a province of the Roman Empire.

Smug is known for his photo realism and creating images using nothing but spray cans.

Here’s what you thought:

Lee Rotherham said: “We should have even more of this culture, and yes have it promote our history. Many empty buildings would be made to look better rather than dilapidated."

Jude Kirkley said: “Loving all this art popping up around the city.

“I live in an end terrace and would love some art on the side of my house.”

Wendy Long said: “I like the concept – we need much more art that recognises our true cultural heritage and doesn’t aim to make a skewed political point.

“However, graffiti ‘art’ in all of its forms is vandalism, which we shouldn’t be condoning.”

Roberto Diblasio said: “Why would you put it there? Who’s going to see it?

"You won’t be able to see it from the road.”