TEENAGERS are risking their lives by climbing on to a school roof — and have been warned police will be called if it doesn't stop.

As well as the danger to themselves, the youths have made a mess of play equipment and left empty cans and bottles in the playground.

Now staff at St Cuthbert’s RC Primary School in Wigton want it to stop before someone is seriously hurt or major damage is done.

After the weekend the headteacher Ann-Marie Handford was concerned after reviewing the CCTV footage which captured a child on the roof.

She said: “I have serious concerns for their safety, We have warning signs up saying the roof is fragile. It’s a worry at what could happen.”

The school is now working with Nelson Thomlinson School — which the teenagers are believed to attend — to try and resolve the issue.

Ms Handford said: “We saw the children on the CCTV footage. One was on the roof and others were in the playground.

“We are getting quite a lot of youths coming in to the property at weekends.

"On Monday, we had to remove beer bottles and vodka bottles from the school playground before the children went outside to play.

“We are being plagued by people coming into use our facilities.

“It’s incredibly dangerous.”

“It’s irresponsible behaviour.”

The headteacher is so dismayed by the behaviour she is ready to take action and involve the police.

“It’s about their own safety, but also the damage they could potentially cause.

“We’ve had youths throwing the equipment round the nursery yard. They’re just on the property when they shouldn’t be.

“We have our CCTV now and we can quite clearly see these people.

“We are working with the secondary school.”

One of the biggest worries for the school is the thought of one of the teenagers being seriously hurt.

The post on social media read: “A polite reminder, our school grounds are private and people are not allowed on our school site out of hours.

“This weekend we have had a number of groups of youths using our grounds and shockingly some boys have been caught on camera on the school roof.

“We have just reviewed our CCTV footage which clearly shows the boys in question.

“We politely ask these groups to refrain from using our grounds.

“If it continues we will be handing over our CCTV footage to the police for investigation.”