Workington MP has slammed the idea to move the Duffield Beacon and called the idea to put it on wheels ridiculous.

Last week residents were up in arms about the decision to remove the beacon from Vulcans park in Workington.

The beacon was a gift to the town and the move by councillors has lit a flame under residents.

Since the kick off MP for Workington Mark Jenkinson has branded the idea 'ridiculous' he said: "If moving the Beacon is for health and safety reason that is fine but it should be moved in its entirety and not cut into sections."

In an open letter Mr Jenkinson wrote that the best idea would be to restore the beacon and moved to a prominent location in the park.

It read: "I cannot agree with the proposal to reduce the height of the steel beam to three metres or to separate the basket from the column. What has been proposed constitutes a wanton act of vandalism. The monument should be moved in its entirety to a more suitable location, whether elsewhere in this spacious park, or to the Slag Banks as suggested.

"I feel that the most sensible solution would be to restore the existing Duffield Beacon - it appears to need some work - intact. The beacon should be moved to a safe and prominent location where it can be seen by everyone.

"Given the size of Vulcan Park, I see no reason why two such memorials (the beacon and the VE/VJ Statue) cannot be accommodated within its curtilage. Surely, it makes sense to site them both in the park which is owned by the town council.

Councillor Herbert Briggs is disgusted at Mr Jenkinsons letter he said: "I'm very disappointed, if the beacon stays where it is we can never light it.

"When the beacon was put there the hospital was not there and the fumes from the beacon could go into the hospital air system.

"I'm disappointed that he has sent this letter out when people have commented that it it was to be moved to Slag Bank they would be able to see it home."