A STUDENT will tackle a 200-mile walk to college this month to raise money for a charity working with Kenyan schoolchildren.

Isaac Pullen, 18, is set for a month of early starts, walking the 10 miles it takes him to get to college every morning.

The year 12 student, from Ullswater Community College in Penrith, came up with the idea on a rare walk to school back in March, when he realised that many children in other countries had to make a long journey every day just to get an education.

He said: “Some way into the journey it dawned on me that a lot of young children around the globe have to walk a similar distance to attend school and I wondered what kind of education they were walking for, what state for learning walking 10 miles each day leaves a child in, and what other factors these children have to deal with to obtain an education.”

The Penrith teenager decided to look into how he could help and found the African Promise charity.

The charity works with primary school children in rural Kenya to try and give them a much more worthwhile reason to work to school. They do this through making sure schools have essentials such as learning materials desks and teachers, providing access to clean water and a lunchtime meal for pupils as well as improving on facilities.

African Promise is incredibly pleased that Isaac is trying so hard to raise awareness and money for their cause.

Charles Coldman, the charity's director said: “It’s not often that you hear of school students voluntarily walking to school, let alone doing it for a whole month! Isaac is clearly an exceptional young man and we are delighted that he has chosen African Promise, our partner schools and their pupils to benefit from his efforts. We hope that others will get behind him and support him every step of the way.”

The 18-year-old will get up at 4am every morning for the rest of this month in order to ensure that he can make his way to school on time. Speaking about the upcoming challenge he said: “I am walking 10 miles to school each day in May because others have no choice but to do the same.”

Isaac is aiming to raise around £500 by the time he completes his challenge later in the month.

However, he hopes that with the support of his family and friends he will exceed his initial target.

To donate to Isaac’s cause ,you can visit his fundraising page at www.justgiving.com/isaac-pullan.