ART enthusiasts are being encouraged to support an art exhibition which has opened in Carlisle.

Carlisle Contemporary Arts has opened its pop-up gallery in the Pop-up29 shop on Scotland Road in the Stanwix area of Carlisle to remind people that the group is still operating.

Its usual gallery at the Old Fire Station remains closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, but the artists involved were eager to ensure that didn’t stop them.

“We decided to open up here for a couple of weeks to show people we are still here and we are still a group and we are still in operation,” explained one of the artists involved, Marilyn Laugeson.

“It is the same nine artists and the same work.”

She said that coronavirus had impacted the group’s artists.

Marilyn explained that the return to the Old Fire Station gallery remains “up in the air”.

The gallery opened on Monday for two weeks. The prices for the art range from £20 to £400.

So far there has been a steady flow of visitors to the gallery.

The group are now working towards selling their art online.

“It is a great group of artists at Carlisle Contemporary Arts,” continued Marilyn. "We don’t expect to sell a lot, we just want to let people know we are still here.

"We want to get the message out there.

"It would be nice if we sold pieces but it’s not the most important thing.”

She said: "Since the first lockdown in March, the temporary closure of the Old Fire Station left the CCA homeless for more than a year.

"We have stayed together as a group, and will be exhibiting for the second time at Pop Up 29 along with guests artists, Martin Evans, David Phillips, and Connie Dalton of Snorkeler Designs.

"There will be some exciting art to enjoy and along with paintings, there will be pottery, jewellery, sculpture and photographs."

Plead with how the first wee is going she said: "So far we seem to be busy.

"We have sold some large paintings, pottery and jewellery already.

"All ten artist are taking it in turns to look after the shop. S,o there is always an artist in attendance.

"We adhere to social distancing rules so only two people in at any one time, the artists will usually go outside so customers can browse at leisure.

The gallery is open daily between10am -4pm. Except Thursday and Friday when it is open between 10am -6pm.

The gallery will remain open until Sunday, May 9 to find out more, visit the Carlisle Contemporary Arts Facebook page.