Carlisle United have underlined why they’ll be switching off their social media channels this weekend.

The Blues will join a football-wide boycott of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram in a stance against the abuse seen on those platforms.

All clubs and many football organisations will post nothing on their social media channels from 3pm on Friday until 11.59pm next Monday.

United are asking all their staff and players to take part, as well as inviting supporters to join them.

They believe the bigger picture of applying pressure on social media giants to do more to combat abuse is more important than one weekend of the Blues’ normal social media activities.

Carlisle’s website will still carry content relating to Saturday’s League Two game at Leyton Orient, but they will not promote it on social media.

They will also turn off comments on their regular post-match video interview with boss Chris Beech.

The boycott comes after numerous cases of players and other individuals across football receiving racist and other forms of abuse.

Chief executive Nigel Clibbens said: “The club is supporting the football wide social media boycott this weekend.

“This is in response to the ongoing and sustained discriminatory abuse received online by players and many others connected to football.

“We are asking all of our players, staff and supporters to join with the club to send the message that social media companies need to act now to help to eradicate this type of harassment and abuse. 

“Please join with us, and the wider game, by boycotting your own social media channels through this period.”

United’s media officer Andy Hall, who handles all the Blues’ social media output along with media assistant Amy Nixon, said it was important Carlisle took a full part in the boycott.

He said: “We feel it’s important to send a message to the major social media platforms that this cannot continue.

“We saw how powerful the recent collective reaction to the European Super League proposals was, and there is no reason this type of approach can’t be employed for other equally serious issues.

“This is a step towards that and, as with taking the knee, we feel it’s important that we join with others within our sport if we can help to raise awareness and keep these discussions in the public eye.

“Will it solve the problem? Sadly we have to say that there is no doubt that when we all turn our platforms back on that we will see or hear about another incident.

“But we’ll achieve nothing if we all decide to just accept it as a way of online life.

“Social media platforms and we, the users, must take more responsibility. All we ask is if you see it, read it or hear it, report it. If we turn our backs, as we’ve all been guilty of doing in the past, it will continue.

“We are very pleased to say that here at Carlisle United we have not had to deal with any issues of this kind, but that doesn’t mean that we should feel complacent and step back from initiatives such as the one we are part of this weekend.

“Online abuse has to stop, and we have to keep doing what we can until those that are in a position deal with it do so.”

United’s supporters’ trust CUOSC are also backing the social media shutdown.

In a statement they said: “We fully support the boycott. It is unacceptable that players should be subjected to discriminatory abuse online and it is something that needs to be addressed.

“While we welcome the fact that no incidents have come to light involving Blues players we are aware of the problem in the wider football world.

“We hope the boycott encourages the social media platforms to be more accountable and they take action to stamp it out.”

Carlisle's London Branch supporters' club are also supporting the boycott.