An Allerdale councillor has picked the wrong people to fight with over public toilets, he has been told.

Adrian Kirkbride, an independent councillor, approached Maryport Town Council about having public toilets back in the town ­— despite the fact there is one in Irish Street owned by Allerdale.

Cllr Kirkbride posted on social media: “Having received word back from Maryport Town Council that they will not support my aim of having public toilets back in Maryport. Disappointed isn’t the word but hope is not lost at my end, I’ll be trying other angles to have these put in place. So please bear with me, it’s not over yet. Thanks to those who have messaged me with support to date, it is appreciated and I’ll keep you updated as I continue this uphill marathon.”

Maryport town clerk Paul said Maryport Town Council has fought for public toilets to remain in the town.

“Cllr Kirkbride should be fighting with his own council about this.

Maryport Town Council did not say it was against the provision of more toilets, as implied, rather it expressed its support for them, but it is the town council’s view that responsibility lies with Allerdale Borough Council, and that as an Allerdale Councillor, Cllr Kirkbride should be arguing his case with the council he represents, where responsibility for toilet provision lies, and which budgets for the provision of toilets, not coming cap in hand to the town council which does not have budget provision.

“Laughably, one of the respondents to his Facebook posting talks about people wandering around the docks looking for a toilet, seemingly oblivious to the fact that there is a toilet facility at Irish Street, (provided by Allerdale)!

“Comments have also been made about toilet provision for tourists; again, council tourism management is the responsibility of Allerdale, not the town council, and if it is seeking, through the regeneration grant funding, to make improvements designed to attract tourists, it will no doubt be taking account of the availability of public toilet facilities in Maryport, as was noted at the town council meeting on Monday.”

Mayor Peter Kendall said on Monday that there was the Irish Street toilet and a toilet at The Wave, open to the public. He added: “I understand the regeneration of Maryport will include toilets at the Carlton and the Empire yard. That will give us two more toilets right in the town centre. Toilets were the responsibility of Allerdale.”