ON Wednesday after Prime Minister’s Questions, South Lakes MP Tim Farron put forward a Ten Minute Rule Bill that would create an independent regulator to protect the UK’s world-leading food, farming and environmental standards.

The new regulator would be able to ensure that imports meet UK standards for animal welfare and environmental protections – preventing products like chlorinated chicken or hormone treated beef being able to flood the British market. It would also have new powers to ensure that the Government and public authorities comply with their environmental and climate targets, by issuing sanctions for those that fail to meet them.

Mr Farron's Bill is backed by all Liberal Democrat MPs and Alliance MP Stephen Farry. Mr Farron said: “For too long the Tories have treated our environment and agriculture with contempt and got away with it - they must be regulated by an independent body with real teeth to hold the government to account. My Bill’s regulator would ensure that environmental protections and animal welfare standards cannot be undermined - protecting British farmers so they can support work to enhance our natural environment and cut emissions.”