Mountain Rescue were called out to help a man who slipped and fell into a stream whilst he was taking some photographs. 

The 46-year-old man, who was taking photographs at Launchy Ghyll near Thirlmere, "heard and felt a crack in his ankle as he landed and was in great pain and unable to move." 

Keswick Mountain Rescue were called out at 14.03 after a passing cyclist spotted the casualty and called 999.

North West Ambulance Service were also on hand to help.

Keswick MTR sent out one vehicle with more team members standing by should they have been required. 

The casualty was given storng pain relief before having his ankle splinted.

He was then extracted from the steep-sided stream bed and then put on a stretcher with the help of rigging lines. 

The ambulance team took the casualty to hospital to receive further treatment.

The rescue took two hours and five minutes.