A photography auction that has been set up to raise money for a charity has added a host of works by famous names.

The Unique Landscape Photography Auction is to auction off the images in support of mountain rescue hero Chris Lewis.

Sadly, Chris remains in hospital with life changing injuries, after he fell down a steep slope while on a call-out to Red Screes above Kirkstone Pass in the English national park in the early hours of Saturday, February 6.

What started as an already astounding group of 25 multi-award-winning landscape photographers auctioning their work for an important cause has now almost doubled in size.

Forty-five of the most prestigious names in landscape photography have come together, gathered by Paula Mould and Jason Hudson, to help with the fundraising effort in support of Chris Lewis, the Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team volunteer who suffered serious injuries in a fall whilst on a rescue mission.

Among the additional 20 photographers to pledge their support and donate an image are the acclaimed Rachael Talibart, a renowned seascape photographer; Simon Baxter, a talented landscape and woodland photographer with a formidable YouTube following; Alex Nail, who has won several top awards for his spectacular landscape photography and is a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society; and the current Fotospeed Photographer of the Year, Greg Whitton, an outstanding photographer who has also previously won Outdoor Photographer of the Year.

One of the auction organisers, Paula Mould, said: “When I initially had the idea of approaching photographers to ask them to donate an image for the auction, I was overwhelmed by how willing everyone was to get involved.

“In under two weeks, the auction has already raised almost £5,000 and, with the announcement that another 20 outstanding photographers now have their prints up for auction, we are hopeful that we will be able to raise a really substantial amount of money. Chris Lewis, the Patterdale volunteer, remains in hospital with life-changing injuries and will need medical support for the rest of his life.

“We are immensely grateful to the photography community and also to the kind and generous people who are getting involved with the auction and placing their bids. We are doing everything we can to make people aware of this opportunity, not only to support Chris, but also to purchase a beautiful image by one of the UK’s top landscape photographers.”

The auction will be live until Tuesday April 13. Join in online at https://www.jumblebee.co.uk/auctions/7cyPGdA4eK