A WOMAN has spoken of her delight after she and her husband were reunited with their missing cat - more than two years after she went missing.

Katherine Warwick had given up all hope of her beloved cat, Mole, returning to her Penrith home.

But then her husband David rang her to tell her she had turned at a local vets - 645 days after she went missing.

The couple had raised Mole since she was less than two weeks old, and are delighted to have her back.

Katherine said: “When we first found her, she was in the farmyard near our house. She was only two weeks old and hadn’t even opened her eyes, just a tiny little black lump.

“There was some building work going on and the mother must have got spooked and abandoned her.

“When she was seven, she disappeared and we couldn’t find her anywhere - we had posters up, stuff on social media, everything.”

A number of sightings came in - but none of the cats proved to be Mole. Katherine eventually decided she could no longer take becoming hopeful only to be disappointed.

The couple even adopted a new cat to live alongside their existing cat and two dogs. Then, one day last week, they were contacted by a local vet.

Katherine continued: “I got a phone call from my husband who said he had good news. He’d been contacted by a vets and they had her.

“She was found at Newton Rigg, which is about five miles away.

“They said she’d gone quite feral and wild - but we said she’d always been a bit feral! So we went and picked her up and got her home.

“We were a bit worried about letting her out, but when we did she was rubbing on our legs and even jumped up on my lap. She recognised us.

“It’s wonderful to have her back. We didn’t expect it. It was so sad, was heartbreaking because we didn’t have any clue why she didn’t come home. She must have been chased.”