A GROWING business has seen a welcome response from the people of Cumbria.

Gold Dipper which has launched on Etsy and social media, is offering unique home items and gifts with a swirled painting.

Similar to tye dye, business owner and creator Alex Whittaker and his partner Amie Morris create items by dipping ornaments, plant pots and mugs in a solution of mixed paint.

Alex described the solution as: “very specific paints that you drop on a surface of water.

“It’s a process I’d often seen with guitars.”

But the couple identified a niche in creating artistic household items and ornaments with the process.

By day Alex works for Carlisle City Council and Amie works for Pirelli.

“We’ve both worked for independent and small businesses in the past but doing something creative from start to finish, it’s pretty much a brand new venture for both of us.”

The business was born out of lockdown. It has created something that the couple can do together to pass the time and set up a business during lockdown restrictions.

They are thankful to the community for their support. Alex said: “We’ve both always been supportive of independent businesses. There’s quite a large community of that across social media. That’s how our posts have been seen.”

Alex said that Etsy is the perfect site for a business like Gold Dipper as it promotes homemade goods.

The couple operate the business entirely from home.

“For the most part we’ve been posting them out by Royal Mail.”

Gold Dipper has seen interest from across Cumbria and further afield.

When the third national lockdown lifts and markets return, the team are hoping to sell their wares at events on a stall.

For now, those interested can order from their online shop by searching golddipperuk on Etsy.

Gold Dipper is currently offering Swirl Painted Hydro dipped Lantern Tea Lights, Hydro dipped plant pots and swirl painted earrings as well as customisable home decor.