Your weekend edition front page story “Fears over ‘dangers’ of nuclear waste plan” implied that anti-nuclear campaigners environmentalists were opposed to the project.

It is not just the campaigners who are opposed to it.

I live locally and spent 20 years in the nuclear industry.

I have also spent many years involved in nuclear policy issues ­— and I’m against the proposals, too.

The problem is that West Cumbria, despite promise after promise of new investment, is fast becoming just the nation’s permanent nuclear rubbish dumping ground.

The Port of Workington should be a centre for new trade opportunities and a transport hub.

Nothing would kill its reputation quicker than making it yet another dumping ground in the increasing spread of nuclear waste sites.

Surely keeping the waste at Sellafield and Drigg should be enough.

Spreading it to Lillyhall and the Port of Workington damages Allerdale’s image as well.

Isn’t having Copeland known as “The World’s Nuclear Dustbin” bad enough?

Tim Knowles

Rheda Park