Pubs and restaurants remain closed in England, however, they are allowed to offer food and non-alcoholic drinks via takeaway, click-and-collect and drive-through, details of their reopening are due to be included in the announcement of a new Government "roadmap" today (Monday, February 22).

Boris Johnson announced the current national lockdown for England on January 5, moving the country to alert level 5 after a rise in coronavirus infections and the discovery of new variants in the UK.

We asked readers if they'd still go to the pub if they didn't serve alcohol.

Paul Earnshaw said: "Not ideal, but I’d pop in for a bite to eat to support them if nothing else. The industry has been hit hard."

"Wouldn’t be a pub then would it, it’d be a café or coffee bar," added Phil McChrystal.

Dale Hilton commented: "That's like going into a clothes shop that doesn't sell clothes."

Jonathan Young added: "There have been two full years in my life where, mostly for medical reasons, I quit drinking and I still went to the bars and pubs and clubs for the music, the atmosphere and for the social aspect/company. So, yes I probably would but at that point they are basically just coffee shops with poor lighting, sticky carpet and a pool table so, might not be as appealing for most people."

Kerry Grant continued: "If my local can afford to open without the ability to sell alcohol then yes I will pop in to support them. However, I cannot see many being able to justify the cost of opening if they can only serve food and non alcoholic drinks."

Lindsay Wheadon commented: "Staff won’t have jobs if they open without alcohol. Restaurants were dead enough with the only drink while having a meal! More chance of catching covid in a shop than a restaurant! I didn’t catch covid till restaurants and pubs closed and the only place I visited was a supermarket."

Karolyn Jordan said: "Well it wouldn't be a public house where they sell alcohol it would be a restaurant with alcoholic licence."

Barbara Hockings continued: "No, you go to the pub for the atmosphere, to wind down after work, relax and meet people. Many cannot afford to eat out regularly and what’s the point if you are isolated with one small group of friends and can’t move around to socialise."

Elaine Lightfoot said: "Yes definitely, for the atmosphere and social aspect don't need alcohol to have good time."

David Stoddart added: "I can enjoy a meal without alcohol I normally drive so fine by me."

Abby Cosham explained: "Yes I would support my local but it wouldn’t be worth the cost of them opening selling no alcohol."