An application for the building of a temporary hub of container units near Carlisle Castle at Bitts Park has been submitted to Carlisle City Council.

Here's what readers had to say about it.

Hazel Hughes said: "Why can't the council use emptied properties around the town and leave what green space is left alone."

Vivien Hall commented: "Most big parks have somewhere that sells food, drinks, ice creams etc as the containers are temporary I think it would be good for the families that use the park. Maybe somewhere down the line we could have a structure more fitting though."

Ronnie Wood added: "Plenty empty shops in city centre where shops should be."

Fiona Gunter continued: "It'll be such an eye sore."

Anne Peebles Craig said: "Why not cut the rates and fill up the empty shops in town centre? Leave the park as a park and shopping space as shopping space."

Joshua Wyborn said: "Cool! Be nice to have some more cultural foods regularly available in this kind of way."

Jeff Forrester added: "What a waste of money."

Lesley Ann said: "Why? Oh because the rent on shops is extortionate."