During lockdown, the selfless acts of kind individuals in our region has had such a massive impact on the lives of so many.

A renewable energy consultant by day, Carlisle's Ian Milburn has galvanised his community through a series of fun online events during lockdown through his events firm IM Events, while raising an astonishing amount for charity.

"We've probably done 7 or 8 since April last year," he explains.

"Initially, it was to support the NHS and we've helped out causes such as Eden Valley Hospice, Carlisle Youth Zone and Save Our Stan appeal with donations during the past year."

Their online discos have attracted participants from across the globe raising £35k in the process.

"We've had people from as far afield as Thailand, Australia, Canada, France and Ireland.

"It's all done by me, pretty much just from our kitchen with the music on. We love helping people to enjoy themselves and that's been great for us as well.

"I have the worst singing voice but in all seriousness, just bringing families together has been lovely. Raising money on top has been a real joy."

Helping people in the community feel connected has been a real thrill for Ian, he confirms.

"You don't realise how much you can become isolated during lockdown, especially those without family. Getting messages off people saying 'We're so looking forward to the event' has been quite moving."

"Even if we hadn't raised any money, to put smiles on people's faces and make them feel they are not alone is great. It just shows the power of the internet and the effect just getting drunk in the kitchen can have I suppose," he laughs.

His newest fundraising effort comes in the form of a weight loss challenge.

"For The Ten Men Challenge we're looking to lose a combined 20 stone by the end of May.

"One of the lads involved sadly lost his father to prostate cancer three years ago, so we decided to pull together to raise money for Prostate Cancer UK."

They have so far raised over £2500 and lost a combined 10 stone between them.

"It's pulled ten lads together. It just shows the power of community."