Our guide to all the soap action, week beginning Saturday, January 30

EastEnders (BBC1)

As Bobby and Kathy continue their search for Ian, Max launches his own investigation and quizzes Sharon.

In her panic, she retaliates by insisting that Max only wants to pin the attack on her to put Tina in the clear - and get back into Linda's good books. However, that doesn't discourage him, as later in the Vic he makes a very public announcement, insisting Sharon was behind the attack on Ian.

Mick asks Linda to talk to Max to find out what he knows - and his version of events leaves her feeling suspicious too.

Denise is horrified to learn that Lucas is going on holiday with Chelsea, but her ex points out he can't leave the country anyway and suggests their daughter takes her mum instead.

That doesn't suit Chelsea's plans as she insists everything is sorted. However, on the day they are supposed to leave, Lucas refuses to go. Convinced he's let their daughter down again, Denise confronts him - and a row breaks out that leaves the flat in state, and the former couple nowhere to be seen.

Coronation Street (ITV)

Simon has a lot to deal with at the moment for someone so young.

As his father battles alcoholism (Peter struggles to stick to the rules again this week, but perhaps not in the way you'd expect), Leanne relies on the youngster more than ever. When he discovers they're in debt to the electricity company, he secures a loan from his dodgy mate Jacob and organises for a pre-paid meter.

Jacob then wants a favour in return, which involves making a delivery that doesn't involve just fish and chips. To cap it all, Leanne, in a panic at the idea of returning to work, quits her job, which means that Simon is now the only breadwinner in the house.

While Paul is appearing in court, Todd pays Will to break into the home he shares with Billy. A terrified Summer finds him trashing the place, runs into the street and is knocked down. Billy is horrified by this turn of events, and makes it clear how angry he is with Paul for bringing the troubled youth into their lives.

Nina and Asha draw ever closer, Tyrone feels uncomfortable around Alina, and Debbie announces No 8 is going up for auction.

Emmerdale (ITV)

The feud between Home Farm and the actual farm is heating up this week - possibly literally.

Mack gets someone to pose as a potential client to look at the Tates' accounts, and when Jamie finds out, he's so angry he heads to Butler's where he sloshes what he thinks is petrol about.

When Mack points out it's only water, Jamie feels humiliated and later retaliates by pouring the real thing around a barn, unaware Kyle is playing inside.

That leaves Moira wanting revenge, as she heads to Home Farm with a shotgun...

Elsewhere, Laurel is struggling with her demons and when an alert from a pregnancy app sends her over the edge, she reaches for the vodka bottle. Nicola is shocked to catch her friend with a drink and calls on Jai to help. Will he be able to get through to Laurel?

Rishi insists it's over for him and Manpreet, Juliet makes a shocking confession to Jimmy, and Harriet wonders if there is still a place for her in the church after she's able to give Ethan some reassuring advice.

Hollyoaks (Channel 4)

Toby clearly needs to face his demons, but Dr Ley's idea of treating him involves dredging up his past in the hopes it will make him snap - and then using his resulting meltdown as material for her second book.

No wonder Cleo is alarmed when Celeste lets slip that her brother has been seeing the doctor. After spotting Dr Ley outside the Loft, Cleo swipes the keys for the club and lets herself in, but what exactly will she find?

Elsewhere, John Paul is unnerved when Dean returns, apparently intent on winning back George. The teacher leaves a jealous, drunken message on George's phone, and is mortified when his boyfriend later plays it back to him. But there may be worse consequences, as it seems the incident has given the copper more ideas about how he can manipulate John Paul.

Theresa has to choose between Seth and her family, although it seems clear where his priorities lie when Goldie ends up with the key to the safety deposit box containing the McQueens' cash, and the photo of Sienna and Warren kissing falls into the wrong hands.

Home and Away (C5)

There's a moment of respite from the horrors of the trial when Colby and Dean take a trip down memory lane, but it turns out to be very brief indeed.

However, as Colby ponders whether or not to confess to the murder of Ross Nixon, Dean wonders if he should own up to his part in the crime, especially after a mystery witness takes to the stand with shocking information. Later, Bella and Dean struggle to contact the police officer, worried he may have landed himself in even more trouble.

Against Ari's advice, Mackenzie sells her car to pay off the drug debt, while Marilyn makes use of a dating app, which surprises John - especially when she matches with him.

After suffering terrible pain in his legs again, Justin decides it's time to remove the rest of the tumour - and Christian is all-too willing to rush through the operation, to Tori's horror.

Neighbours (C5)

You'd be forgiven for thinking we'd wound the clock back to the late-1980s when tuning into this week's episodes.

That's because Des, Paul, Jane and Clive are all present and correct, along with Melanie Pearson - you may remember her from her outrageous trademark laugh. She's been invited back to Erinsborough by Sheila as part of her masterplan to split up Clive and Jane; Sheila then asks Clive to take a closer look at her newly fitted pacemaker...

Shane and Amy's relationship continues to blossom. Dipi is heartbroken by this turn of events, but on seeing her estranged husband so happy, tries to keep her feelings to herself.

Toadie joins the world of online dating, but finds it far more gruelling than he anticipated, while Hendrix's gambling lands him in serious trouble and Kyle and Roxy accidentally create some lethal gravy.