Workington Reds have told the Football Association that using results from this season and last season is the fairest way to decide the current curtailed campaign.

The Borough Park club have submitted their response to an FA survey which was issued to clubs about the best way to decide the outcome of 2020/1.

Third-placed Reds and their Northern Premier North West rivals have seen their campaign put on hold because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

It has raised fears of another null-and-void decision, after Workington's 2019/20 campaign was wiped in March when they were top of the table.

Reds chairman Dave Bowden says a second such decision would "compromise the integrity" of the game.

The west Cumbrian club prefer a solution which would use results from this and last season to produce a points-per-game outcome - assuming that the current season is not resumed.

"We wish to avoid another null and void scenario," Bowden said in a statement.

"There is little doubt that null and void compromises the integrity of football to our fans, sponsors and the investment from clubs themselves."

Bowden said that dates suggested for a possible restart of the game appear unlikely, given the state of the pandemic at present.

He said a solution put forward as part of 'Project Non-League' - a campaign backed by a number of non-league clubs - should be "adopted immediately".

Bowden added that points per game, based on 2019/20 and 2020/21 combined, would "give certainty and put integrity back into the competition.

"Clubs would be rewarded for their efforts and this would create a positive outcome, putting promotion and relegation back into the hands of clubs regardless of the pandemic."

Bowden said combining the two seasons' results would give enough "foundation and validity" for the campaign to be decided on that basis.

"It's unlikely we can play our way out of this pandemic, but we can manage our way out of it," he added. "Extraordinary times need brave decisions not based on precedents and status quo."

Bowden set out Reds' position in an online fans' forum last week, while manager Danny Grainger also told the News & Star of his support for the points-per-game solution.

On null and void, Grainger said: "You wouldn’t do it to Liverpool or Manchester United. We know we’re not those teams, but why do Workington Reds deserve that to happen?"

The deadline for clubs to respond to the survey was last Friday. It has not yet been confirmed when a decision will be made.