A MOTORIST is warning others after he received a parking fine for entering a city carpark to look for a space, leaving minutes later because it was full.

Hilton Sanderson entered the Heads Lane car park, at West Walls, Carlisle in December, he drove around the car park for five minutes before leaving because there were no spaces available.

Much to Mr Sanderson’s shock a letter arrived in the post only days later informing him that he had been charged for his five minute stay in the car park, despite him not parking, leaving his vehicle or anyone entering his vehicle.

He explained: “I was on West Walls and when I went into the car park to park and there were no spaces so I came back out again and a week later I got a ticket. So I wrote to them telling them I hadn’t parked, I’d just gone into park and there were no signs telling the car park was full.

“I didn’t get out the car and no one got in the car and I didn’t park. I just went in turned, waited until another car went passed me and then came out again.”

After Mr Sanderson wrote to the Carparkingpartnership (CPP) they turned down his appeal. Now, Mr Sanderson has written to the company parking on private land appeals (POPLA) and is waiting for a form to a appeal the decision.

He has been charged £100 for the charge and doesn’t intent to pay this. Mr Sanderson is wanting to warn others that they could fall victim to the same thing.

When he first received the letter in the post this was quite a shock to him, especially because he didn’t park and doesn’t believe he has committed a crime.

‘It was a real shock because I didn’t do anything wrong,” said Mr Sanderson.

“If I’d been parking when I should have been or there was some parking offence I would have just paid up and admitted to it. You can see I entered at 12.30pm and left at 12.35pm. I’m not disputing the fact I was there, just the fact I didn’t park.”

Mr Sanderson’s hope was that when he wrote to CPP and explained what had happened they would quash the parking charge and he would be able to move on.

In the letter he wrote to them he said: “On the date and time stated on your parking charge notice I did enter the car park but was unable to find a vacant parking space.

“I waited until I was able to turn and leave the car park. As your cameras will show I did not get out of the car and no one got in. This was reflected in the short time I was there, five minutes. I consider this parking demand a complete waste of time and have no intention of paying such a ridiculous amount for something that was beyond my control. Also, there was no indication that the car park was full.”

Mr Sanderson then received a letter back which read: “I advise you that your recent bill has been unsuccessful.”

A Parkingeye spokesman said: “The motorist on this occasion chose to appeal via POPLA, an independent body which reviews all parking disputes. It ruled against the motorist and upheld the PCN.”