Students at The William Howard School are encouraged to engage with their favourite subjects and clubs beyond the curriculum, so last week a host of extra-curricular activities and challenges were launched for students to enjoy after all the remote learning they’ve been working hard at. A wide range of challenges are on offer to suit all interests, from the physical to the creative, with each Department contributing ideas.

The Design Technology Department are encouraging inventiveness with their marvellous ‘making’ suggestions such as an elastic band paddle boat, a phone stand, a cardboard bionic hand, a marble run, or a model interior design; all made with materials that students have to hand at home!

DT Curriculum Leader, Yvonne Dixon, said “We’ve given some ideas to spark the students’ imaginations, but they don’t have to stick to these, we’d like them to make anything!”

In a similar vein, the Science Department are hoping for some resourceful creations with their ‘Recycling Plastic Challenge’. They’re inviting students to come up with some innovative ideas to reuse plastic bottles, boxes, yoghurt pots and such like.

And for any budding photographers, there’s a nature and wildlife photography competition, as well as a “Geography in Action” photo competition, where young geographers might capture landforms or cloud formations on a local walk.

Without the usual PE lessons and after school clubs, pupils are being enticed to get active with a variety of physical activities, from acro-gymnastic ‘bingo’ to clocking up some walking, running and cycling miles with the WHS Strava team.

Artistic talents have not been forgotten either. Students are urged to have fun making their own ‘splat’ character by using some coffee, tea or paint; or relax and unwind whilst painting their own pebble paperweight.

The whole range of extra-curricular projects and clubs are available to students on the school’s VLE and many challenges will lead to prizes or the chance to see work displayed in school on in a virtual gallery.

Assistant Headteacher, Laura O’Connor said “Things are different to how the usual extra-curricular clubs run in school, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be fun”.