Staff at one of West Cumbria’s biggest employers have shared their fears over rising Covid cases in the workplace.

As the number of positive results continues to rise across the country, Sellafield employees are becoming increasingly concerned about health and safety, with one staff member even claiming that masks were “no longer allowed”.

But a spokesman for the company stressed this was not true, adding: “We are asking all employees to wear a mask when they’re inside a building, unless they are at their desk.”

It was also confirmed that 80 new Covid cases had been confirmed among the Sellafield workforce this week, with 11 of these being tested at the site’s test and trace facility.

The remainder of the cases were confirmed via NHS testing.

On Sunday, January 10, Sellafield guidance was updated for all staff, with chief executive Martin Chown saying: “We are taking additional steps to protect our workforce and our communities.

“Now is the time to temporarily reduce some elements of our vital hazard and risk reduction mission.

“Due to the remarkable efforts of people working for Sellafield Ltd and our supply chain partners, we have developed an understanding of how to work safely in these challenging times.

“Safety is always the number one priority at Sellafield and we are taking these new steps to maintain our safe working.

“Thank you for your professionalism, dedication, commitment and care; we will get through these difficult times together.

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