The nation may remain in lockdown, but with its great high street traders, there's no better place to be than Copeland.

In week 24 of Copeland Council’s award-winning Shop Local: Keep it in Copeland campaign, we’re highlighting those traders remaining open and ready to help – and a delicious pie never fails to put a smile on someone's face!

For the team at Egremont's Nice Bites, laughter is "the best payment" for their service.

The popular Market Place shop offers everything from classic sausage baguettes and bacon butties to its famous pies – and a good laugh for each and every customer.

Janice Sharkey, who co-owns the store with her sister Angela Johnston, said: "Things are a bit quiet at the minute, but we've definitely had a lot of support this past year.

"We are never bothered if people come in and don't buy a single thing – anybody is welcome to come in just for a good crack.

"We're Egremont lasses, so even if somebody comes in and just spends £1, as long as we get to have a chat and a laugh, we are happy."

And while happiness is key for the positive pair, they still want residents to make supporting the high street a priority.

"It's really important to visit your local shops," Janice said.

"Everybody tries to do their bit round here to help keep us going.

"Everybody looks after you, and we've had a lot of people saying 'keep the change' just to help us out a bit, and it means a lot."

She added: "All you can say is thank you. I don't think we've ever had a single person come into the shop who hasn't been nice and willing to chat.

"Nobody grumpy ever comes in, everybody is just lovely and friendly, and we're very grateful for that.

"It just really shows that Egremont is like one big family!"

Just down the road on Main Street sits the new kid on the Egremont food block – Main Street Deli, which opened its doors just four months ago.

Setting up shop in the middle of pandemic might sound like a challenge to say the least, but the town's support has seen Neil Fraser and his family-run business through.

Neil's daughter, Beth, said: "It means everything to us when people come to the shop, especially when they give us really lovely feedback.

"We get a lot of people coming in on their lunch break, especially Sellafield workers, and that's such a massive help.

"We're really lucky to have so much support from them all."

As well as a take-away service, the Main St Deli team is offering click and collect and delivery, allowing everyone to enjoy delicious meals like jacket potatoes, quiches, pies, salad and other treats.

But it wouldn't be possible without the town's support.

"We are really, really grateful for the people that come in or order from us," Beth said.

"Without so many people coming in for our food, especially during lockdown, we wouldn't be where we are, so we just can't thank everyone enough."