A PILATES instructor has celebrated a milestone of conducting more than 500 classes online since the first lockdown began.

Carol Westmorland, from Cumrew, has been a pilates instructor for more than 20 years - when the lockdown hit she moved her classes online.

Since then, she has been running two live classes online every day during lockdown from the comfort of her converted barn - and now she has launched another weekly video session on Vimeo.

Carol said: "I stopped the classes the week before we got locked down because I'm not someone who finds taking time out from classes very easy, it's not a job more of a passion, I instantly began to stream.

"I got a bike stand out, put my phone on it, clicked live and I was off."

And she didn't stop.

Her fun, chatty style makes the atmosphere of the sessions more relaxing for those who virtually attend.

But, there is also an extra twist to make people feel more at ease.

"I bring my animals, which I call the sunshines, and they all come in the room," said Carol.

"They're always in there so it relaxes the feel of the room."

She has brought a community feeling into the virtual sessions that is reflected in how she tailors the sessions to suit different people's needs.

"When you do a livestream you can actually feel the atmosphere in the group, there's a sense that people are there, that they are actually with you.

"You know who is in the group, it's very comforting and that's why it's so popular.

"People like that feeling that they've all grouped together at the same time to watch it."

If you would like to find out more about Carol's pilates classes, visit her website: pilates-cumbria.uk