Plans have been drawn up to prepare for a major new development at Sellafield.

Sellafield Ltd has applied for planning permission to carry out land preparation works on the Sellafield site, in advance of the construction of a new "Lightly Shielded Store" to house lower-level waste.

The plans submitted relate to the land preparation works only, and Sellafield is intending to seek permission for the store itself, titled "Lightly Shielded Store 1" (LSS1) at some point in 2021.

Accompanying the planning application to the county council was a letter from Sellafield's chief executive, Martin Chown, who explained that the LSS1 "is the most efficient way to manage low fissile Contact-Handleable Intermediate Level Waste (CHILW) from all proposed waste streams (all arising from the Sellafield site) in an appropriately engineered store and an appropriately engineered package for the hazard the waste poses."