Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team were called out a number of times this weekend.

The team were called out twice on Saturday. Eight members were called when two people reported themselves as lost in the Green Hole area of upper Eskdale.

They were advised by the team leader to follow the river out of the valley.

Phone communication was lost so a small team were mobilised to them coming out. One team member met them at Brotherilkeld Farm to confirm they were safe and then the team were stood down.

The team were then called out again after two walkers reported themselves as lost descending Scafell Pike, they were well equipped and had head torches.

A small team, together with Jess the search dog set out to find them. One of the lost walkers had taken a photo from their location and their father sent it to the team leader who confirmed they were near BurnmoorTarn.

The lost walkers were found by Jess near to Brackenclose and were met by the other team members.

Rescuers were also called on Friday evening after two walkers became stuck by Lingmell Beck crossing in the dark, frightened by the noise and look of the water. A team were mobilised to help.