LISTENERS of the BBC Radio Cumbria Helen Millican Show have been given an historical wander down memory lane with the “Cumbria YFC Through the Decades” show

Mrs Dorrie Galbraith provided the final trip down memory lane with her very funny insights into life as a young farmer in the 1950s.

Having joined Preston Patrick young farmers in 1951, Dorrie fully embraced every aspect of being a young farmer taking part in field days, competitions and dances, travelling to many of these by her trusty bicycle or the local bus.

Following one such journey to a field day, Dorrie discovered that her prized entry for the “sweet on a saucer” competition which she had so carefully packed and transported had in the course of the bike ride unfortunately slid off the saucer!

One of Dorrie’s earliest memories was her very first club meeting in the court house at Preston Patrick Hall where the young farmers spent the evening braiding and plaiting cow bands and halters out of bailer twine.

Another clear memory was Dorrie’s foray into public speaking, with her first speech going according to plan, but a second oration leading to a fainting spell and her subsequent decision never to compete in public speaking competitions again!

Young farmers also provide a number of firsts for Dorrie – her first ride on a train and her first trip to London to represent the county in poultry plucking and trussing at a Dairy Event at Earls Court.

Arriving late at night and with their boarding rooms not available until the next day, Dorrie and her fellow young farmers headed to Trafalgar Square where the numerous street signs provided some much needed and a surprising amount of warmth once the glass was removed!

Dorrie is pleased to still be very much involved with the young people of the county and attended the Drugs and Alcohol Awareness session last year as she felt it was important to keep up to date with relevant issues.

She finished her interview by stating that she has progressed with the times and is very proud to still be asked to do things for the young farmers.

The first programme featured young farmer experiences from the 1930, 40s and 50s. First to share their life long memories was Mrs Olive Clarke, OBE, who was followed by Robin Gate who talked about his time as a young farmer in the 1940s.

The subsequent programme covered the 1960s and 1970s and featured Frank Gate and Betty Graham from the Northern District and Andrew Bellas and Will Case from the Southern District.