A SEWIST and crafter is delighted to have won a popular Channel 4 competition.

Kym Armstrong from Muncaster recently featured on the Channel 4 programme Kirstie’s Handmade Christmas.

After designing an elaborate stocking and pulling it off in just four hours she walked away as the winner.

Kym runs hers own business MAKE! The Lakes. Sewing and crafts is always something she’s been interested in and was delighted to be accepted onto the show, never mind walk away with the trophy.

Speaking about it, Kym said: “I’ve followed the show since as long as it’s been on.

“My best friend, Emma, sent me the advert when they were looking for applicants and that got the ball rolling.

“I applied and in the application process we had to design and tell them what we would make and I decided on the stocking. So I designed this amazing, elaborate stocking.”

After this Kym had a few telephone interviews and found out she’d made it onto the show. This was when she was told that she’d have to recreate her masterpiece in just four hours.

She said: “Of course I’d designed this really elaborate stocking and I thought goodness me, how am I going to get all that done in four hours.

“I made sure I was well rehearsed for the performance and it was great, I loved it.”

The experience was like no other for Kym, at times it didn’t even feel like she was taking part in a competition. “We were all made to feel very safe, very well looked after, it was great,” added Kym.

“Even to get on the show in the first place was the biggest achievement ever. But to win it, I still can’t quite believe that it’s happened. It’s the best thing ever.

“Getting in the show in the first place was like I’d won already.

“It didn’t feel like a competition either. We got on so well. We got on an had a good laugh and we are still in touch now.”

Coming home with the trophy was a bonus for Kym.