READERS have praised an intensive care nurse who last week retired from the Cumberland Infirmary after 44 years.

Sue O’Brien is affectionately known as SKOB to colleagues – it stands for Susan Kathryn O’Brien.

Daughter, Katy Allison, said:"She started student nurse training in 1972, qualified December 1975 and she was a cadet nurse for a year before she started her training. She has always worked on the unit.

"No one calls her Susan or Sue, her colleagues know her as SKOB - when I had to call her ward to speak to her and ask for Sue, I always get 'who?' I have to ask for SKOB."

Isabel Dawes, a sister in the ITU, said: “Sue has been a dedicated member of the team and will be missed greatly.

“Her attention to detail and the way she cares for patients is outstanding.

“We have a saying on intensive care the patient has been SKOB’d, meaning they have been bed bathed, sheets changed and look immaculate in the bed, no matter how busy she has been.

“Sue was instrumental in setting up medical device training within the department.

“We wish her a happy retirement with her husband, children and grandchildren.”

Here's what you had to say about Sue's long service.

Marion Richardson said: "We are very proud of what you have done over the years happy retirement."

Stephanie Farley posted: "Well done for your services now time to put your feet up."

Winifred Storr McKay said: "Very best wishes well deserved."

Lou McHugh said: "Happy retirement and thank you so much for all you've done."

Dawn Mahone said: "Congratulations happy retirement."

Nikki Brown posted: "Enjoy your retirement sue well deserved."

Shirley Mcmillan Rycroft posted: "Thank you."