PEOPLE from all walks of life are being invited to volunteer as magistrates for the county’s Carlisle, Workington and Barrow courts.

It’s a chance to serve your community, play a part in dispensing justice and learn new skills says the committee who appoints volunteer magistrates.

With a shortage of magistrates in Cumbria people are asked to put in application before December 31.

Chris Harris, a magistrate sitting in the Barrow court, said: "We hope to recruit 25 new volunteer magistrates for the criminal court and 15 for family court this year. We provide training and support and you don’t need any legal qualifications.

“We’re looking for people with all sorts of backgrounds, aged between 18 to 65 years-old, and we’re particularly keen to hear from young adults.

“Becoming a magistrate can develop CV and workplace skills including decision making, team work and leadership. It shows you have common sense, an ability to think logically, are calm and fair-minded. You’ll also better understand your community, develop conflict resolution, communication and time management skills.

“Current magistrates are from all walks of life,” continues Chris Harris.

“From shipyard workers to teachers, from council staff to house-husbands, all bringing their valuable life experiences to the role of being a magistrate."

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