Following the latest guidance on Cumbria's placement in the tier system, News & Star readers have had their say.

It was announced on Thursday (November 26) that once the nation's second lockdown is lifted on Wednesday (December 2), the entire county would be placed in tier two.

This means separate households will not be allowed to mix indoors apart from in support bubbles, and a maximum of six people can meet outdoors.

Pubs and bars must close unless they are able to operate as restaurants, meaning they must serve substantial meals and may only serve alcohol with such a meal.

And our readers have shared their thoughts, with Rachel Sharp saying: "So many people commute in and out of both Carlisle and Barrow for work, education, health care at the Cumberland Infirmary and Furness General, retail, travel etc.

"It makes absolute sense to put the whole county in the same tier.

"If anything I'm concerned Carlisle could do with tougher restrictions still but guess it could be problematic for us to be in tier three partly for reasons above."

Becky Cole said while the tier is "great" for Carlisle and Barrow, it's "unfair" for those living in Allerdale where case numbers are lower.

Reader Delma Waywell was concerned the tiers won't have an impact on the numbers due to people ignoring guidance, and said: "Don't expect many people will take any notice anyway what I can see of things."

What do you think of Cumbria's placement in the tiers? Will it have a positive impact, or will it have no effect? Let us know at