A unique wedding venue could become available in west Cumbria if a license is granted by Allerdale Council.

The council's licensing panel is meeting on December 2 to discuss an application by Ponderosa Weddings for the opportunity for people to hire out a field between Great Broughton and Broughton Moor to use for a wedding day reception area or for a special occasion.

The idea is from Beth Faulder, 25, from Dearham and her dad Raymond Faulder and is a way of diversifying their farming work.

Beth said owner of the field, Malcolm Wilson, has given full consent for the idea and permission for a car park to be built on the side of the field.

Beth said: “It’s the perfect idea for diversification; it’s at the back of a forest, but the views of the mountains can all be seen.”

She said that the weddings will not affect daily use of the area by walkers and the public.

Ms Faulder said: “People seem to think the public bridleway will be closed. The public will still be able to walk up and down as much as they used to.”

It is anticipated that there will be 10 weddings in any calendar year for the first five years.

They have paid for a noise assessment to be drawn up to make sure all the levels are correct. Microphones were set up at Fox House Farm and near Rose Cottage and it measured the distance and legal noise requirements. Beth said the levels would be workable with the live bands and music.

The bride and groom would have the use of the land, and then arrange the wedding that they want with a marquee or tipi and so on.

Beth thinks this is the way forward and said: “There has been a lot of interest.

“People are moving towards the field option as they can have it as a blank canvas.

“We’re offering something a little bit different where people can go as little or big as they want to.”