Two Cumbrian rescue teams have issued a statement addressing their concerns over videos circulating on social media, showing "inexperienced" individuals exploring disused mines in the county.

The team leaders of the Cumbria Ore Mines Rescue Unit and Coniston Mountain Rescue Team, Chris Jones and Rob Ingham, have highlighted the dangers of entering disused mines in the county, after videos have emerged on social media of individuals doing so.

The two team leaders said in a statement: "We are aware, not for the first time, of videos circulating on social media that show people, inexperienced in underground exploration, filming themselves going down disused mines in Cumbria.

"We would like to remind them that the mountain rescue and underground rescue teams are volunteers who attend thousands of rescues every year.

"It is a privilege to be able to save the lives of those respectfully exploring our beautiful countryside, who find themselves in danger through no fault of their own.

"However, it is heart-breaking when we are called to extremely dangerous conditions for people who have deliberately put themselves in needless danger.

"These rescues cost us all time away from our families and every rescue puts our own lives in danger.

"The videos in question show the participants' inexperience and lack of respect for the environment and also displays an absence of professional equipment and safe techniques.

"In this instance they were extremely lucky to not need to call us, but many in the same situation have had to make that call.

"Some have even lost their lives. We cannot see how the gain is worth the risk.

"For those who support content like this, our message is, there is already plenty of footage of mine visits by properly equipped people who actually know what they are doing and also know what they are talking about. Why is that not enough?

"So many aspects of disused mines have the potential for trouble. These videos are encouraging other people to potentially risk our team’s lives.

"It’s all fun until the unthinkable happens."