Readers have voiced their opinion after reports of speeding Amazon delivery drivers causing a menace on Longtown roads.

Residents had taken to social media to complain about the problem as the self-employed drivers go to and from the depot on the Woodlands Industrial Storage Estate.

The facility opened at the end of January.

Here is what you thought about the story.

Dayle Foster said: “Only a matter of time before one them idiots cause an accident.”

Joe Batey posted: “It's a very select few who drive badly. Vans come out in convoys due to cycles and waves of vans – don’t blame all Amazon drivers for the minority doing poor driving.”

Carole Reardon said: “Never had a problem with them even when Carlisle/Wigton road was closed and had to use very small back roads coming out of Carlisle going west.”

Craig Hamilton posted: “It's not just us Amazon drivers. I nearly had a head-on crash with someone in a Hilux overtaking a tractor. I was minding my own business so don’t go pointing the finger at us, it's other drivers as well.”