Determined Scouts are set to complete their annual Christmas feat after a difficult year for all.

Following months of virtual meetings in-place of their usual activities, Cockermouth First Scouts are thrilled to officially be strolling the town’s streets once again for their popular coffee morning walkabout.

The team of dedicated youngsters will visit each and every shop on Cockermouth’s Main Street – as well as other surrounding businesses – to deliver their special orders of tea, coffee, hot chocolate – and, of course, a homemade mince pie, with each member baking their own.

And the group couldn’t be more pleased to see their event going ahead, after uncertainty and worry clouded the rest of 2020.

“We could have just said let’s forget it and not bothered, but we’re resilient, and we knew we had to do it,” the group’s coffee morning organiser, Lynne Hewer said.

“We asked all the local shopkeepers and they said, ‘no, you have to do it!’, and they all said how much they love it when we come round with the coffee and pies.

“It’s going to be a boost for the town and shopkeepers, and a boost for the Scouts as well, so it’s really nice to be doing it again this year.”

And with all other fundraising plans throughout the year scrapped due to the pandemic, the team’s festive feat will see them boosted in more ways than one.

Lynne said: “We’ve not been able to do any fundraising at all this year, and we normally make about £600 from our coffee morning, so we’re hoping it’ll be that successful this year too.

“Obviously, just like everyone else, we’re a bit stretched, but even if we just make £100 from the morning, it’ll be amazing!”

Cockermouth First Scouts will be making their way around the town on Saturday, December 19, under the supervision of Scout leader Steve Dawson and coffee morning organiser Mike Fitzgerald, donning their most impressive Christmas jumpers and biggest smiles while making their deliveries.