All the latest planning applications submitted to Eden District Council.

New vehicular access, Kirkside, Park Lane, Alston. Application by Mr and Mrs W Raine.

Extensions and alterations to the dwellinghouse and barns to create additional living accommodation and the erection of a store in association with the estate, Priorsdale Farmhouse, Garrigill, Alston. Application by Weardale Estates.

Single storey rear extension, 5 Brookside, Tirril, Penrith. Application by

Mr & Mrs J & K Bridge.

Reserved Matters application for access, appearance, landscaping, layout and scale, attached to approval 16/0185, land north of the Laurels, Tebay. Application by

Mr G Jackson.

Removal of condition 5 (highway design standard) and variation of condition 12 (noise levels), attached to approval 16/0185, land north of the Laurels, Tebay. Application by Mr G Jackson.

Proposed 4 bedroom detached dwelling, land adjacent to Owert Dyke, Great Ormside, Penrith. Application by Mr A Balmer.

Variation of condition 2 (plans compliance) to reposition and alter size of agricultural building attached to approval 19/0586, Brampton Hall Farm, Brampton, Appleby-In-Westmorland. Application by Mr R Bellas.

Change of use of agricultural land to site caravans and camping pods plus waste water treatment plant, Ivy House Farm, Crackenthorpe, Appleby-In-Westmorland. Application by Redlands Bank Farm - Mr D Taylor.

Replace existing barn and roof over adjacent outside feed area, Winter Tarn,

Newby, Penrith. Application by Mr M Stephenson.

Erection of an oak framed orangery to the rear, 1 Friary Fields, Appleby-In-Westmorland. Application by Mr & Mrs Hutt.

Non Material Amendment for the revision of the decription to change of use of farm buildings to 6 open market dwellings, attached to approval 82/0059, Wetheral Cottage, Great Salkeld, Penrith. Application by Mr D Rogers.

Addition of flat render to the exterior, 14A Victoria Road, Penrith. Application by Mr N Williams.

Trim Golden Cypress to achieve clearance of footpath, reducing height by 1/3 (1 meter). Reduce in height by 11/3 3x small multi-stemmed Cypress at side of house. Re-shape variegated Holly, reducing spread by approx. 1 Meter and height by 1-1.5 meters (finished spread 4 meters / height 4 meters), 21 Wordsworth Street, Penrith. Application by Mrs K Crump.

1 Sycamore - crown raise to a height of 4 meters over drive. Reduce loading in limb over camper van. 2 Reduce privet on gable by approx. 1meter. 3 Remove competitive Elder x2 and Sycamore x1 in Beech Hedge. Consider plugging to prevent regrowth. 4 Maintenance trim of Beech Hedge on internal edge. Maintenance tri Beech Hedge separating upper and lower garden to all sides. 5 Level stump. 6 Reduce mixed hedge (Leylandii / Elm etc) by approx.. 1/3 circa 1 meter in height, from the Silver Birch to the Copper Beech (No.9). Trimming the internal side and the top to be level. 7 Level stump. 8 Remove declining Silver Birch. 9 Lift Copper Beech reducing approx.. 3 low lateral branches and lifting to a height of approx. 4 meters. 10 Trim top off Yew 11 Target prune approx.. 4 lateral branches from Yew. 12 Remove Apple Tree in corner. 13 / 14 Level stumps x2. 15 Tidy Holly tree in rear corner. 16 Step and trim Holly hedge. 17 Prune overhanging Damson. 18 Remove dead tree to low stump, Mount Pleasant, Beacon Edge, Penrith. Application by Mrs R Gall.

Fell to ground level 4x Sitka Spruce, 16 Brougham Hall Gardens, Brougham, Penrith. Application by Mr J Riley.

Oak (T2) essential pruning now necessary as the crown of the tree impacts property (24 Howard Park). Reduced spread from a diameter of 7 meters to a 5 meter radial spread, taking any dead wood out. Crown lift to 4 meters and height of tree reduced by 2 meters,

24 Howard Park, Greystoke, Penrith. Application by Ms L Thomson.

Beech tree (T1) reduction of no more that 30% of the leaf area to be thinned by a mix Crown Reduction and Crown thinning, 3 Sandath Gardens, Fell Lane, Penrith. Application by Mr S Knafler