Pupils at a Carlisle school have new tote bags to store their books in thanks to a local company.

Solutions experts Eco provided the brightly coloured tote bags to be given to children at Trinity School so that they had something to store their books in at the end of the school day.

Since the reopening of school in September following the Covid-19 lockdown, students in years seven, eight and nine are taught in year group ‘bubbles’ which means they remain in the same classroom for all of their lessons apart from PE, and leave their books on their desks rather than taking them all home. The bags have made a real difference because they allow the students to store everything in one place and keep the classrooms looking tidy. It also ensures the school is able to clean and disinfect the classrooms more efficiently at the end of each school day.

The bespoke tote bags were delivered to a total of 850 pupils over the three year groups.

Mike Jefferson, director and head of Eco’s comms division for communications and IT, heard that Trinity needed storage bags for students and wanted to help. The tote bags are a useful addition to the classrooms and were a simple and practical solution to the problem.

Mike said: “It’s important that we do everything we can to support the community at this time, and we were happy to help.”