This Halloween visitors to Carlisle Castle can see a pumpkin carving like no other.

English Heritage has commissioned a carved pumpkin of Mary Queen of Scots that will be displayed at Carlisle Castle.

She was once held prisoner in what was then known as the Warden's Tower. Mary will once again take up residence at the castle in pumpkin form from today.

On 16 May 1568, a small fishing boat carrying Mary Queen of Scots set sail from Scotland for English shores. After months of conflict and turmoil in Scotland, she had decided to entrust her fate to her cousin, Elizabeth I of England.

This week you can join them at the castle for a ghost tour. Join the storytellers as they guide visitors on a bone-chilling journey through the past.

With tales of ghosts, supernatural sightings and horrors from history is is not a night for the faint-hearted. These tours are suitable for those ages 16 and over.