Children had a chance to try their hand at wheelchair basketball in a bid to understand social inclusion.

The Moor Row Community Primary School pupils were treated to a visit from world class wheelchair basketball star, Nat Pattinson, from NP Inclusive Sport.

Nat, from Carlisle, has visited more than 400 schools all over the county to inspire the children in sport and enable them to experience wheelchair basketball.

The sessions demonstrate physical and mental resilience skills.

Mr Pattinson, who has also played the sport for Great Britain and Cumbria, visits schools to show pupils the sport, but also to prove that it is possible to achieve anything if you work hard enough for it.

It is the third consecutive year that the world champion basketball player has visited the school.

Teachers there said the children found the experience inspirational.

Mrs Kennedy, PE coordinator at the school, said that using the wheelchairs to manoeuvre has given the children a different perspective and shown them that everyone is capable.

She said: “It’s a fantastic opportunity for the children to understand what it’s like to be in a wheelchair, but also to understand that anything can be overcome, everyone is capable and that hard work pays off."

The children were all given a one-hour workshop, conducted in their class bubbles.

They used a specially designed wheelchair and Nat taught them different skills.

Children are encouraged to ask questions, then he does sessions with the wheelchairs which cost £1,500 each - competition chairs cost up to £15,000.

He uses fun activities such as racing and games of stuck-in-the-mud, to familiarise pupils with the chairs before giving them a taste of wheelchair basketball.

By the end of the session they know how to communicate well, work together and play basketball.

Mrs Kennedy added that this year it was especially important to demonstrate physical and mental resilience

She said: “This year, more than any other, physical and mental health are so important and Nat certainly helped the children with both of those.

“Moor Row School prides itself on its broad and balanced curriculum to cater to the needs of all students and workshops like this one are part of that. Nat will be returning next year to inspire us further!”