AS winter approaches, with variable forage stocks that generally appear to be high quality, there is an opportunity to maximise forage use and yield performance, says Adam Clay, Head of Technical at NWF.

Achieving this requires an accurate balance of rumen available by-pass nutrients.

To maximise lactation performance particularly in the high yielding or early lactation cow, additional rumen by-pass nutrients are required. This is often done by feeding protein sources such as distillers, rapeseed meal or soya bean meal which provide both rumen and by-pass protein.

The protected feeds range at NWF delivers significantly higher levels of by-pass protein to the hindgut. This balance can also be a cheaper way to supplement, adding higher levels of by-pass protein whilst using forage protein to supply the rumen bugs can result in a lower overall feed rate and reduced overall feed costs.

On a cost per kilogram basis of by-pass protein, NWF protected feeds can provide a significant saving when compared to their protein counterparts.

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