Cumbria Chamber of Commerce is launching online training to help businesses adapt to permanent changes brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic and Brexit.

The commercial courses will equip businesses with tools and knowledge to reassess their business models and implement changes that allow them to move forward and prosper.

Chamber chief executive Rob Johnston said: “Covid-19 is going to have a lasting impact on businesses.

“Some trends that were happening anyway – such as the growth in online retail – have accelerated and some changes in consumer behaviour are likely to be permanent. Brexit is also likely to disrupt existing business models.

“Businesses need to assess how this affects them and what they need to put in place – whether that’s refining their offer, identifying new markets or routes to market, or retraining employees to perform different roles.

“Chamber Business Solutions has been providing training for many years. We’re a trusted brand. As such, we’re ideally placed to help businesses adapt to the new normal.”

Topics will include digital marketing, staff development and performance improvement, finance to international trade processes, documentation and advice.

Details of the new courses are on the Chamber website at

All are being delivered online because social distancing requirements make face-to-face training impractical.

Mr Johnston added: “There’s been a great deal of advice available in recent months, mostly free Zoom chats or webinars. This has its place and has been useful.

“Our new courses are very different with a clear course structure and learning objectives, providing businesses with the tools and knowledge to manage change and grow.

“As well as the formal learning, they’ll often give participants the opportunity to network and share ideas and issues, both between delegates and with the course leader.”